Luxury Hotel Bedding Supplier – Made in Italy

Italian Quality Bed Linen Manufacturer

Our long experience in craftsmanship allows us to produce the best Hotel quality duvets and bed linen also custom made sizes or based on a project by interior decorators and designers.

With sartorial attention to detail and particular attention to design, our local artisans produce fine bedding tailored for Hotels up to 5 stars. Our luxuriously bespoke creations can adapt to any size and shape of the bed.

Our luxurious down duvets, comforters, pillows, sheets and quilts are currently in luxury hotels, as well as resorts, yachts and SPAs.

Our creations are certified by EDFA, NOMITE, RDS and OEKO-TEX and guarantee you a high comfort with our bedding.

High Hotel Quality Bed Linen

As an Italian manufacturer, we attach great importance of beautiful bed linen.

We produce duvets and duvet covers, comforters, pillows and pillowcases, sheets and quilts. In addition to the prestigious down padding, we use pure cotton, percale and satin fabrics, in more than 60 colors variations with fine craftsmanship and elegant designs.

High Quality Duvets and Duvet Covers for Hotels

Production of double, single, one and a half duvets or tailor-made, made with different weights suitable for every climate, location and season.

As an alternative to luxuriously goose down Duvets, we offer fireproof duvets made of soft hypoallergenic fibers. They are warm, soft, light, fluffy and resistant. We also offer a wide range of sets and duvet covers, to dress duvets in different styles.

Best Hotel Quality Quilts and Blankets

We make double, single, one and a half quilts or tailor-made, with different weights and in a wide choice of colors and fine fabrics. For locations with a more temperate climate or for summer, we offer light quilts in down, cotton fiber and synthetic fiber.
Our Blankets for mid-season and mild winters are in cotton fiber.

Hotel Luxury Pillows and Pillowcases

We offers various accessories to complete your 5 star hotel bed and make it unique: Pillows, Cushions and Bearings. All of our pillows and cushions are made with care crafted to provide a comfortable night’s sleep.

All our down pillows are guaranteed NOMITE and OEKO-TEX, therefore they are hypoallergenic products and also suitable for those suffering from allergies to dust and mites. As an alternative to feather pillows, we offer pillows made of soft hypoallergenic fibers. They offers a pleasant sensation of softness and comfort.


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